Choosing the right coffee for you

Choosing the right coffee for you

Signature Blend –

Do you like having coffee at any time of the day? Is coffee your companion while you do something you’re passionate about? Are your conversations enriched by that hot cup of coffee?

Our Signature Blend is curated with premium Arabica beans from a single estate located in the hills of Baba Budangiri. The delightful medium roast ensures that you savor every inherent flavor of the coffee with every sip. You will feel as if you are teleported to a garden of coffee, each bud beckoning you with the relaxing aroma of fresh coffee!

Our signature blend is your best confidant for your day. Best consumed black.


Contents: 100% Arabica Single origin

Taste Notes: Caramel, Chocolate, Almond

Processing: Washed

Roast Level: Medium

Dark Blend –

Curated for the folks who guzzle java whenever they feel the need to rejuvenate and reset in due course of the day, the Dark Blend is your frisky companion that gets you through. This medium-dark roast blend is a powerhouse of unbridled energy. With its bold and wholesome taste, this will surely be your side-kick for the day. Can be consumed black and with milk.


Contents: 95% AAA Arabica + 5% Premium Robusta (For Boldness)

Taste Notes: Chocolate, Roasted Nuts

Processing : Washed

Roast Level: Medium – Dark


French Blend –

Our French blend is reminiscent of our very own traditional Filter Kaapi. This blend is for ones who start their day with perfectly balanced coffee with milk. Best consumed with hot steamy milk and a hint of sugar, as you taste the tingling essence of caramel in this curated coffee. Precision packed to retain flavor and freshness. This versatile coffee will keep you grounded yet afloat.


Contents: 65% AAA Arabica + 5% Premium Robusta (For Boldness) + 30% Chicory

Texture: Bold, Smooth and Creamy

Processing: Blend of Washed and Natural

Roast Level: Medium – Dark