My Bruvet Experience - Devika Nair

My Bruvet Experience - Devika Nair

My relationship with coffee has been benevolent till now. I have always had an admiration for coffee, well it has always told me to wake up in adverse situations. I have always tried the conventional coffee brands, because the idea of instant coffee seemed convenient to me. But the convenience was making me miss upon opportunities of trying good, authentic coffee. Therefore after some alloy of opinions from my friends, I came to know about this brand called Bruvet.

The journey began when I decided to order the coffee blend through Amazon, 

I wanted to try the best one they could offer, so I tried the signature blend, because I needed something robust.The coffee was delivered to me in 2 days, which I was very surprised by, so kudos to their perfect delivery time. I have to say receiving the coffee was a wonderful experience all-together. The matte finished packaging was distinguishable and beautiful. Pulling out the pouch was another experience, the smell of pure coffee is untoward and out of this world, it is indeed a customer delight. There is a Filter in the pouch which you place on the mug then pour hot water, rippling drops of coffee falling inside the cup is a site to watch altogether. 

It’s hard to get out of bed during the monsoon but adding a little butter to your morning cup of Bruvet can make all the difference. Besides being indulgent , this drink can boost your energy and provide you with a kick you never anticipated of 


- Devika Nair